2018 ISSSV National Shibir

The Official Shibir of Shree Laxminarayan Dev Gadi of Vadtal.

June 14th thru 16th,  2018

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 ​Shibir info contact:​

Shibir Organizer

Virjibhai Paghdal - 973-600-3510


ISSSV Committee

Mukeshbhai Papaiya - 201-247-7666

Arjunbhai Malavia - 630-707-5096

Subhashbhai Patel - 773-710-0866

Ramswami (Somerset) 908-566-8622

Nirlepswami (Telford) 469-358-6714


Chicago Temple Committee

Arjunbhai Malavia - 630-707-5096


​​​Youth Shibir Contact

Mrugesh Patel (New Jersey) 201-356-7437

Nayan Shukla - 562-508-5522

Gopesh Patel - 463-236-2977

Priyesh Kheradia - 317-966-9033


Sponsorship Details

If you are interested in sponsoring please contact

Subhashbhai Patel - 773-710-0866

Niranjanbhai Patel - 917-595-9917


Contact your Local Chapter President

5001.00 - Shibir Gold Sponsor
$2501.00 - Shibir Silver Sponsor
$1501.00 - Shibir Bronze Sponsor
$1111.00 - Shibir One Whole Day Food Sponsor
$501.00 --- Shibir One Day Dinner Sponsor
​$501.00 --- Shibir One Day Lunch Sponsor
$501.00 --- Shibir One Day Kids Activity Sponsor
$251.00 --- Shibir One Day Breakfast Sponsor
​$251.00 --- Shibir One Day Rasoi for Santos and Maharajshree
$151.00 --- Shibir Maharajshree's Poojan
​$125.00 --- Shibir Santo's Poojan
​$101.00 ----Daily Flower Garlands
$101.00 --- Shibir Gadiwala's Poojan
$51.00 ----- Shibir Sankhya Yogi Behno's Poojan
$51.00 ----- Shibir Lalji Maharaj's Pujan
​$11.00 ----- Shibir Santo's Dhotia Gift



Are you attending the Shibir?

Here is what you need to do.

  1. Register your information here.  Please be sure to register for each person attending.

  2.  Print and fill out this Shibir form (Registration Form for 2018) and bring it with you at Registration.

  3.  If you have any questions than please contact the people listed on the left or your local Temple or Chapter in your area.

  4.  If you require a room, please pay using the links above.

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