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Till the end of His sojourn in this world, Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan strove to help innumerable souls. He had empathy for the sufferings of other jivas - their sufferings of the body, mind and soul or the suffering caused by any external agency.

During His time, there was lawless anarchy in many places. In such times how should a person make progress in his social and spiritual state; this had been His constant endeavor. For this, he used to hold spiritual gatherings five times a day.

Shreeji Maharaj used to hold these religious and spiritual gatherings sometimes even late at night, sometimes after midnight or sometimes in the early morning! He used to give discourses on various subjects - spiritual, religious, yogic or theological. His contemporary Nand Saints noted down these discourses and Shreeji Maharaj Himself approved of these notes. From that time this holy book of spiritual Satsang is known as Vachanamrita.

Lord Harikrishna Maharaj

This holy book contains the divine speech of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan. It is full of nectar of His divine words of wisdom. A man becomes immoral if he sips "Amrita" of gods. In the same way, by holding these words of nectar in one's soul, the being achieves the state of enlightments, absolute immortality and dwells in Akshardham.

The knowledge of Vachanamrut is obtained only by the grace of Shree Hari. Mere striving to understand the words of this book does not lead to the true knowledge of its contents. Constant reading of this book leads one into the grace of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and then its true contents are revealed to him.

As it is difficult to get "Amrita", so is the true knowledge of Vachanamrut. It is not a book to be casually read like a book of fiction. It is the book to be lived with-all its contents must pass through the five senses, the inner conscience, into the very Jiva or the soul.

As you ruminate over the contents of this holy book, newer and newer vistas of spiritual knowledge open out before you. Some people think this to be a difficult book and do not incline towards studying it. But they are mistaken, there is not a better and easier book on philosophy and spiritualism.

Vachanamrut is a self-evident scripture summarizing the other scriptures like the Vedas, the Bhagawat, the Bhagwad Gita, the Upanishads and the six systems of Indian philosophy.

Ordinarily books on spiritual topics make heavy reading and appeal only learned scholars. Some times sense of these so-called learned men actuated by mean desire to serve their own ends, mislead people by giving perverse meanings to the words of the scriptures. But here in this book, Shreeji Maharaj has put the best of the spiritual knowledge in the simplest form of the knowledge.

The special value of this book resides in the fact that anyone who can ordinarily read can fully understand its contents. The Vedic scholar and the innocent villager, both can derive equal knowledge from this book. So simple is the speech of Shreeji Maharaj that a village-woman who spends her time on a spinning wheel also can follow the content of this book and proceed on the path of salvation to Akshardham. It is the first book of prose in our Gujarati literature.

It is our great fortune that the Nand Saints before noting the contents of each spiritual discourse, have given the pen-picture of Shreeji Maharaj at that time. The time, the place and the seasons are clearly mentioned.

Whenever we read Vachanamrut, we feel as if we have left our own world of early things and are sitting before Shree Hari, listening to His divine words in His times. If we study, and not just read this holy book as if we are listening to the words of Shreeji Maharaj, the contents of it will enter the very fiber of our soul. Anyone who wants to purify his self and soul and attain divine bliss should read Vachanamrut in this way.

No other scripture except Vachanamrut can help one to become a devout devotee, and help him to conquer evil desires, and get rid of the bad traits of one's nature. One who wants to get insight into the Bhagwan Swaminarayan's way of life, must assiduously, study this - it's the best scripture, VACHANAMRUT.

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